My mare Elf had a negative-plane coffin bone rotation in Quarantine during her journey to the US from Germany. Being an Alpha mare and amazingly not showing signs of lameness, we did not discover this until months after her arrival, after she kept having minor bouts of colic (obviously from pain and stress :( ). When we discovered this, the negative-plane coffin bone rotation was sitting on the non-existent sole of her foot, ready to push through. I about threw up when I saw this on the x-rays. We immediately took her barefoot (not an easy task in the PNW heading into wet season!), knocked out a wall creating a stall/paddock for her, put her into the RX boots, with various wedges, and started her on aggressive Theraplate therapy. Now when I say aggressive, I have to say she was SO sensitive she could not personally tolerate the laminitis protocol, it was too strong for her. But we did get her on the Theraplate multiple times per day. Even with the lesser protocol we still got the desired results, which speaks volumes to what that increased circulation/bloodflow does for the health of the hoof at any degree! Over time her sensitivity decreased, and at this point she can tolerate every level on the Theraplate. From Oct to Dec 2nd she had leveled the coffin bone and grown 3/4 inch of hoof! Some barefoot experts that reviewed these xrays were shocked at her progress in such a very short timeframe! That is a lot of sole growth in a short period of time. She has continued to progress in the right direction ever since! She would not have healed this well if not for the Theraplate. The Theraplate paid for itself in this horse alone!
Jessica Lyman - Traumhof
Although we purchased our TheraPlate for the horses at our stable, all of us humans use it as well. I have observed that when I do my morning push-ups on the TheraPlate I am much less sore the next day!

I have always been in reasonably good shape, and at times had very strong legs (I rode my bicycle hundreds of miles per week while in graduate school), but have always had a pretty weak upper body. Over the years I have periodically attempted to work out, but always had a hard time keeping it going. A big part of that was pain - I would inevitably do a bunch of exercises (like push-ups), then be in severe pain for the next couple of days and not be able to do anything at all. By the time the pain was gone, I had lost my momentum and was starting all over again (and so usually didn't...).

On various occasions I have tried doing push-ups on our TheraPlate, but again, didn't keep it up. There would be a horse on it, or I'd go on a business trip, or whatever. However, the biggest obstacle, being in pain the next day, was never an issue. So a couple weeks ago (July 24th, 2014) I decided to try again. Like I said, I've always had a pretty weak upper body, so I started with what I could do - 25 push-ups each morning after morning check (6 am hay feeding when I make sure all of the horses are ok). Over the past couple of weeks I think I have done really well - I haven't done them every morning, but almost, and I've more than doubled the number I can do (60 the last two mornings). And most importantly (being the big wimp I am), no pain! My chest muscles are definitely fatigued, but they are just tired, not sore, and obviously I'm building and/or toning muscle, as I'm able to do a lot more than when I started.

A couple weeks before I started this regular program, I overheard my wife telling someone about how the TheraPlate keeps me from being sore after push-ups, which was definitely true, but with a "slight" exaggeration - she said something about doing 100 push-ups and not being sore. At that point I could barely do 25, and couldn't imagine I could ever get up to 100, as never in all of the years I've tried to work out had I ever been able to do that many at once. With my new-found success, however, I'm taking that as a challenge. My goal is to make it up to 100 per day by my birthday: September 10th. So far, so good - thanks TheraPlate!

Update: 01 Sep 2014
As you can see from the graph, I have made it up to my goal of 100 push-ups per day! I plan on keeping going, but now I'm focusing on doing more per set (the last two days I did 30 in the first set, then 15-25 in subsequent sets, depending on how long I rested between sets).

Kevin Fink - Traumhof

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