One of the primary therapeutic mechanisms of the TheraPlate is increasing circulation, both immediately and long-term. The short-term impact can be seen via thermograms. Here we see "Buck" imaged before and during a session on the TheraPlate. Notice the significant increase in skin temperature across much of his body, particularly those areas with large muscle mass. This can be attributed to the increased blood flow to those areas as the muscles react to the motion of the TheraPlate.

While an immediate increase in circulation is not surprising, and even obvious, (and can be quickly felt yourself just by stepping up onto the platform), the longer-term impacts are arguably much more important, particularly in horses with injuries or on stall rest or other limited movement protocols. While these effects are attested to by many experiences we and others have had, certain aspects of them can also be seen in venograms such as those shown below.

The first picture is the venogram x-ray of the hoof of a foundered 4 year old mare. This was taken on 9/14/2012 after 60 days of traditional rehab treatment. The mare was still lame and in danger of being retired to the broodmare pen.

The second picture shows the same hoof less than two months later (11/10/2012), during which time she was on the TheraPlate twice a day for 20 minutes each session. The growth of blood vessels can be easily seen in the image. The circulation has improved 75% and according to the treating vet, the rotation of the coffin bone stopped. And most importantly, the horse is sound.

More details can be found in the full Case Study.