TheraPlate Lease and Financing Options

A variety of lease and financing options are available to fit your financial situation. The information below is intended to give you a good overview of these options. Eligibility and interest rates (where applicable) depend on a credit review. Contact Jessica at 206-300-8702 or to discuss details and get the credit application.

The TheraPlate Revolution Equine K21 3x7 unit sells for $5,999 plus shipping. All options listed below require that the shipping charge (which varies depending on your location) be included in the initial payment (down payment, first month's lease payment, etc).

The most popular financing option spreads the total cost over 12 months with no interest charged. For the K21 unit, that works out to $500 per month (plus shipping in the first payment).

For even lower monthly payments, the term can be increased up to 3 years. These plans require a down payment and charge interest (specifics depending on the credit review), but can reduce monthly payments to as low as $175 per month.

For shorter-term use, you can also lease. The rate depends on the duration of the lease as follows:

TermMonthly Fee
3-5 months$400 per month
6-11 months$350 per month
12 months$300 per month

Shipping will be added to the first payment. Lease payments may also be applied to the purchase price if you decide to keep the unit at the end of the term.

Leases and financing are also available for the other TheraPlate models. Contact us to discuss details.

Size3-5 months6-11 months12 months

Contact Jessica Lyman at or 206-300-8702 for more information, to order, or to discuss a trial at your farm or home.

If you'd like to get going right away, you can download the Credit Application here, then sign and FAX to 877-900-5129 or email scanned copy to