TheraPlate Accessories


Ramps for 3x7 Original Equine$399 (2 Ramps)
Ramps for 2x6 Small Equine$299 (2 Ramps)

Wheel Systems to make transporting easier - removed when in use

Wheels set of 2$150 (includes four pins to attach the wheels)
Wheels set of 4$300 (includes eight pins to attach the wheels)

Full Portable or Permanent Stocks

Portable Stocks$1,850
Permanent Stocks$1,550

Portable or Permanent Side Rails

Portable Side Rails$1,250
Permanent Side Rails$900

Portable or Permanent Side Rail with kick proof 1/4 thick plexiglas

Portable Side Rails$2,200 (with kick proof plexiglas)
Permanent Side Rails$1,900 (with kick proof plexiglas)

Portable Side Rails - Direct Attachment to Unit Version

Direct Attach Portable Side Rails 3x7 original equine unit$1,360
Direct Attach Portable Side Rails 2x6 small equine unit$400

Permanent Side Rails with full rubber lined interior

Permanent Side Rails$2,250

Contact Jessica Lyman at or 206-300-8702 for more information.